Conor McKenna has said it's possible he contracted Covid-19 when he returned to Ireland back in March.

The Tyrone man was at the centre of a fallout in the AFL when he tested positive for the virus ahead of Essendon's clash with Melbourne last month. 

The game was postponed, but it later transpired that McKenna's initial results may have provided a false positive. Subsequent tests came back negative.

McKenna had returned to Ireland when the sport was put on hold due to the pandemic. He said he may have come into contact with the coronavirus when he was back in his homeland but remains uncertain about why the tests produced conflicting results.  

"I still don’t know what happened to be honest," McKenna, who returned to action with Essendon last weekend, told Teamtalkmag Tyrone.

"On the Friday the test came up a false positive, whatever the hell that means, so I had to get retested again on Saturday and that came up positive.

"I then got retested again on Tuesday and that came up negative. I tested negative maybe three times in a row that week.

"I got bloods done and that came up that maybe I had it six weeks before that when I was in Ireland after a flight.

"So there still is no real clarity on it. They are not sure if I had it ten weeks ago when I was in Ireland or if I had it three weeks ago so I still don’t really know where it stands to be honest. But I was another ten days stuck in a room by myself.

"I felt 100% and that was the biggest shock as I was due to play my first game this year. I went to the captain’s run the day before and the doctor came over to say you have to get retested. 

"Even the week after that I never had any symptoms so it really didn’t affect me in any way physically."

McKenna broke his thumb last Saturday night in Essendon's defeat of North Melbourne.

During the game, North Melbourne's Luke McDonald was caught on camera making a gesture that appeared to mock McKenna's Covid-19 scare, a flashpoint he later apologised for. 

McKenna meanwhile was keen to highlight the support he received from the Irish community when he was forced to quarantine Down Under, adding: "My club have been very supportive while I was in quarantine and I can't thank them enough.

"The Irish Embassy sent me a care package of Irish treats as did Taste Ireland. Even the GPA got in contact with me to see could they help me in anyway. It is unbelievable the support that you get from the Irish community on the other side of the world."