The NFL Players Association strongly refuted an allegation that the newly passed collective bargaining agreement with the league was altered after union members ratified the document last month.

In a letter sent Wednesday to all players, as subsequently reported by multiple media outlets, the NFLPA stated that allegations put forth Monday by attorneys for free agent safety Eric Reid are "completely false."

Reid's attorneys had asked for the union membership to re-vote on the deal because of changes to Article 60 Section 4, referring to Social Security disability insurance for ex-players.

The union's reply stated: "Yes, the NFLPA fixed a cross-reference in the final version of the new CBA. No, that cross-reference reflects no substantive difference whatsoever from what players were told about the proposed CBA and what the players voted to approve."

The NFLPA added, "It is correct that the final version of the 456-page CBA includes an additional subparagraph with a cross-reference to a section of the Disability Plan that the parties had inadvertently omitted in an earlier version.

"The final CBA corrected the omission, as the bargaining parties were required to do based on their agreement that 'if any typographical errors or incorrect cross-references are found in the 2020-2030 Agreement, the parties will act in good faith to correct them' (just as the parties had similarly agreed when finalizing the 2011 CBA).

"This correction did not, however, change what had been agreed to with the NFL, what information had been provided to players, or what players had voted upon."

The union added that the clarified section regarding Social Security disability insurance payments was presented with "transparency - indeed,there was extensive discussion and debate - that this offset would impact approximately 400 former players."

In voting that ended March 14, the players approved the CBA by a 1,019-959 margin, installing the new agreement through 2030.

Reid, 28, was among the players who vocally opposed to the new CBA, which most notably adds a 17th game to the regular season, adds an extra playoff team in each conference every season and boosts the players' revenue share.