The Olympic Federation of Ireland says the International Olympic Committee has committed to providing information on the qualification process for Tokyo 2020 by "early April".

Although, the Olympic Games are going ahead as planned in July and August according to the IOC despite calls for a postponement, the global coronavirus pandemic has had an adverse effect on qualification events and training schedules for athletes.

In a statement, Ireland's Olympic Federation said: "The main focus at present for the IOC is to address uncertainty around athlete qualification in cooperation with the International Sports Federations which run Olympic qualification systems for each sport.

"Besides confirming that all qualification quota places gained by athletes to date (57%) will stand, they have also committed to working with the international federations to put in place revised qualification systems in a coordinated manner.

"These will consider the severe restrictions facing athletes at present, specifically in relation to qualification events, travel and training to devise systems for the fairest possible allocation of the remaining slots. The IOC has committed to providing this information in cooperation with the International Federations by early April.

"This information was confirmed to the Olympic Federation of Ireland (OFI) and Athletes' Commission representatives in two separate teleconference calls.

"The OFI will now work with its partners, Sport Ireland, National Performance Directors, National Governing Bodies, and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport and sponsors to support, as best possible in the current circumstances, the athletes as they continue to work towards qualification."

The OFI also confirmed that the organisation is "working closely with its partners at the Sport Ireland Institute and the Science & Medical Commission to provide best advice to athletes in relation to training during this period" amid the necessity for social distancing and mitigating the risks of Covid-19.