Sport Ireland is looking to appoint a Lead to help promote women's and girls' participation in sport in this country.

Fewer women than men take part in sport, and this is something that the body is hoping to address.

In order to help realise their targets, Sport Ireland is re-launching the Women in Sport funding, which was confirmed by the government in last October's budget. €2 million annually will be committed to both funding for organisations, and Sport Ireland programmes at a national level.

Former international rugby player Lynne Cantwell was today confirmed as the new Chair of Sport Ireland's Women in Sport Committee.

The appointment is part of a new policy, which aims to see sport used to make a significant impact on women's lives. Four target areas are to be looked at: Coaching & Officiating, Active Participation, Leadership, and Governance and Visibility.

Sport Ireland established the Women in Sport Programme in 2005 and to date over €19 million has been invested through National Governing Bodies and Local Sports Partnerships.

In 2018, the Women in Sport review was established to refresh the strategic approach to women in sport to reflect present-day challenges and opportunities.

This policy is the result of that piece of work and it is aligned with the Government’s National Sports Policy 2018 to 2027. A key aim of that policy is to have equal participation between males and females in sport.

The gap has closed from 15.7% to 4.5% since 2007 according to the Irish Sports Monitor 2017 but there is still much work to do in this area.