The International e-Sports Federation is in discussions with Paris 2024 for eSports to be included in the Olympic Games as a cultural or demonstration event.

IeSF acting secretary general Leopold Chung says discussions are at an early stage and any involvement of eSports - or competitive computer gaming - at Paris 2024 is contingent on discussions with the International Olympic Committee.

Chung told Press Association Sport by email: "Nothing has been decided or confirmed concerning eSports integration to the 2024 Olympics.

"There are procedures which must be conducted, and consensus with various stakeholders is necessary, most importantly with the IOC.

"IESF is in conversation with Paris City to promote eSports momentum, and if possible, to support for eSports to be included to take part in the Paris 2024 Olympics as a cultural event or demonstration event."

The IOC and Paris 2024 have previously expressed an interest in exploring the involvement of eSports. 

A statement from Paris 2024 read: "Paris 2024 works with the IOC and the IF (international federation) to finalise the sport program by the end of 2020.

"So far nothing has been decided about e-sport in relation with Paris 2024."