There was just one Irish competitor due in action at the Winter Olympics today, but once again Tess Arbez was left kicking her heels as the slalom ski event was postponed due to high winds.

On Monday she became the second Irish athlete to have her Olympic debut delayed because of the weather after the giant slalom was called off at the Yongpyong Alpine Centre. 

Today the winds were so severe that the Olympic Park had to be evacuated to ensure spectator safety.

"It was really stressful," the 20-year-old told RTÉ Sport's Darren Frehill. "You prepare for this, you get into the race, you try to concentrate and then they say, 'no it's cancelled'."

Arbez - whose grandfather was born in Carlow and grew up in Dublin - is bringing her family back to the Games for the first time since 1968.

While mother Marguerite's heritage provided Arbez with the chance to follow brother Maxim in representing Ireland, it was father Jean-Max who pitched in with the love of winter sports.

"I'm the one who gave her the gene, the DNA of skiing, her mum gave her the brain but I also gave her the legs," he told Reuters with a chuckle as the family stood behind a sign reading "Fan Club Tess Arbez".

"My uncle was doing ski-jumping and he was in the Olympic Games in Grenoble in '68 representing France, so we are back after 50 years!"

Arbez was raised in France and took to skis from a young age on the slopes of the resorts around Mont Blanc.

"She skied in French groups when she was young and went up to the French age group competitions, but for the big events there's many, many more skiers," Marguerite explained.

"The chance for her was that she could ski for Ireland in the world championships at the age of 17 years old, whereas with the other countries it would not happen that way."

"She's so happy to be here; it's a huge honour," Marguerite added.