Sport Ireland have announced national governing body and high-performance funding for 2018 that is broadly in line with last year's figures.

Athletics Ireland remains the highest recipient of HP funding, though it's 2018 allocation of €835k is down €40k on last year.

The Irish Sailing Assocation (€735k), The Irish Athletic Boxing Association (€700k), Paralympics Ireland (€665k), Swim Ireland (€560k) will all receive the same amount  funding as last year.

Pentathlon Ireland's high-performance funding of €260k is under review but expected to be confirmed while individual elite athlete grants - a total of €1.9m under the internation carding scheme-  will be announced soon.

One-off funding for special events this year will be provided to Horse Sport Ireland (€110k for the World Equestrian Games), the Confederation of Golf in Ireland (€100k for the World Amateur Team Championships), Hockey Ireland (€60k for the men and women's World Cups), Paralympics Ireland (50k for the European Para Swimming Championships) and Special Olympics Ireland (€60k for the Special Olympics Ireland Games).

Funding for national governing bodies is down slightly, from €10,860,000 to €10,802,000 with Weightlifting Ireland and the Irish American Football Association (pending review) having their funding cut.

The top five recipients of the grants, which cover staffing, administration, participation programmes and planning and development, all received the same amounts as last year: Special Olympics Ireland (€1.2m), Athletics Ireland (€887k), Swim Ireland (€775k), Horse Sport Ireland (€775k) and Basketball Ireland (€598k).

Funding for the Women in Sport programme, aims to raise the overall physical activity levels amongst women and support women’s roles within sporting organisations, remains at €600k, distributed among 27 organisations.