A British surfer has sustained a broken back after he was crushed by a 60ft wave, while surfing off a beach in the town of Nazare in Portugal.

38-year-old Andrew Cotton, who has previously ridden an 80ft wave at the same beach, told BBC Sport that he misread the situation which resulted in him fracturing his spine.

Footage of the incident shows the monster wave bearing down on Cotton and engulfing him briefly before throwing him forward to send him crashing back into the water again.

He was rushed to hospital immediately after the fall in a neck brace, and is expected to make a full recovery.

"It was a split second of misjudgement. Like an F1 driver taking a turn a fraction too fast. I knew it was bad," he said.

"I just took a deeper line than I should have done so I faded a bit too much and then misread the wave and then I got showed who's boss.

"It just completely changed shape. Normally I'd stay on my board but I knew something was wrong and jumped off.

"There was a moment of impact which was the heaviest I have ever felt. I landed on my bottom and then the wave hit my back."

Despite his lucky escape, he said that 'it won't put me off' and intends to continue surfing.

"It's my bread and butter. I will surf at Nazare again for sure." 

Cotton also posted a video of the moment on his Instagram account, including a tribute message thanking the lifeguards and crew on the beach who came to his aid.