The Minister of State at the Department of Sport Michael Ring has said his department has received 2,151 applications for funding under the Sports Capital Programme scheme.

He said that with a fund of €30 million, it is small money relative to the overall context and he wants to allocate it as fairly as possible.

Minister Ring said it will not be easy to distribute the fund and with resources so scarce, he would like to see shared facilities and greater participation.

He stated: "While we were delighted to have secured funding of €30m for new sports capital projects, funding which shows the Government’s commitment to sport, demand has outstripped supply with €7.50 sought for every €1 we can allocate.

"This shows a great enthusiasm for the Sports Capital Programme, but it also means that we will only be able to allocate a fraction of the funding sought and the task of assessing applications will be very difficult.

"We would love to support every deserving project, but the harsh reality of life is that there are limits to what we can do. That is why expectations have to be realistic. There is an insatiable demand for funding and there will still be a large number of disappointed applicants."