This month marks 20 years since the death of Joey Dunlop.

He won five consecutive Motorcycling Formula One titles from 1982 to 1986.

But it was on the Isle of Man at the famous TT races in which he excelled.

The 'King of the Road' won 26 races including three hat-tricks in 1985 1988 and 2000. His career also included countless wins at the North West 200 and victories at the Ulster Grand Prix.

Joey Dunlop's legacy is very much evident in his home area of County Antrim and he has left a major footprint all over the world in his sport.

In 2016 Dunlop was voted through Motorcycle News as the fifth greatest motorcycling icon ever, behind Valentino Rossi.

Barry O'Neill has been looking back on his career and the tragic day in Tallinn.

The item was broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1's Sunday Sport.