Max Verstappen turned on his rivals with an X-rated radio blast during qualifying for the Chinese Grand Prix.
The 21-year-old was unable to set a final lap after he failed to cross the line in sufficient time.

As he prepared for his last shot at improving his grid position, the Dutchman was passed by Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg.

After being urged to speed up by his race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing driver Verstappen yelled: "They are such w******, honestly.

"You're trying to be nice but everybody's just f****** it up."

Verstappen will start fifth, behind both Mercedes and Ferrari cars. Valtteri Bottas lines up on pole for the first time since the Russian Grand Prix last October.

Later, speaking to Dutch TV, Verstappen claimed drivers should not overtake one another as they gear up for their speedy laps. He also vowed to gain revenge the next time he qualifies for a race.

"We were just staying neatly behind each other, but at a certain point Vettel passed me and the two Renaults as well," said Verstappen.

"So they f***** up my entire build up. There is an unwritten rule that you just follow each other. From now on in qualifying, I'm going to f*** them up as well."

Verstappen was sentenced to two days of public service by Formula One's governing body after he shoved Esteban Ocon three times following the conclusion of last November's race in Brazil.

The Red Bull driver, furious that the Frenchman had cost him victory following their crash, was also warned about his future conduct by the FIA.

Sebastian Vettel

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel has refused to commit his future to Formula One after Bernie Ecclestone suggested the four-time world champion could be ready to throw in the towel.

Vettel is under pressure to deliver Ferrari's first world championship in more than a decade.

But the German heads into tomorrow's Chinese Grand Prix on a 231-day losing streak, while it is also uncertain whether he will continue to enjoy the backing of Ferrari as their number one driver.

Vettel's new team-mate, Charles Leclerc, 21, has indicated he could be a contender for the title this season following a strong start to his career with the famous Italian team.

Ecclestone, who is close to Vettel, claimed that the 31-year-old would put his wife, Hanna, and their two young girls before the sport, if he started to feel unloved at Ferrari.

Vettel's £36m-a-year contract with the Prancing Horse expires at the end of next season. Does he envisage being in the sport beyond 2020?

"I don't know at the moment," he said. "I am not going to be in Formula One as long as Bernie was that's for sure, but I hope I am going to be as fit and sharp as he is today when I am 88."

Vettel, still sporting his retro moustache, has also faced criticism for the series of mistakes which have derailed his last two title challenges. In Bahrain two weeks ago he spun - for the fourth time in 10 races - while battling Lewis Hamilton.

"If you analyse all the times he has ballsed up, Lewis has always been involved," said Ecclestone, the sport's former supremo.

"Seb is so desperate to win another world championship, and for Lewis not to win another. When they are side-by-side, Seb suffers from a mental block, which is wrong."

But Vettel insisted: "I feel on top of my game. I am very self-critical and very ambitious. I put a lot of expectation on myself.

"I love driving, I love the sensation of speed, and I love fighting these guys. There are a lot of things I like at the moment and things I would miss, so that is why it is not an option to quit tomorrow.

"But the contract is just a piece of paper. We will see what happens."