Craig Breen is competing in the penultimate round of the World Rally Championship this week in Rally GB in Cardiff. 

The 26-year-old has had a consistent first full season with the Citroen car and describes it as a "relatively good year."

He told RTÉ Sport: "It was a big step up. I’m quite happy with myself how the whole thing has panned out. It’s been well-documented that it has been a difficult year for the team. The car wasn’t quite as competitive as we thought it was going to be.

"We ended up having to do a lot of development work in the middle of the year. It’s still ongoing and I can’t say it’s a finished product just yet, but in any case I have to be happy with how things have panned out."

Ahead of the rally in Cardiff and the final one of the campaign in Australia: "It’s an event that I love. Last year we were doing really well and fighting for the lead early on but unfortunately made a little mistake. It was one of the only mistakes we made in the last couple of years.

"But yeah it’s an event that I love with fog, wind, rain and mud and we know no different now. That’s the way the rally is. It’s part of the DNA. I’m really, really looking forward to it."