Red Bull team principal Christian Horner insists there is no reason for anyone within his organisation to feel guilty about their level of domination.

Formula One fans are becoming increasingly disgruntled with seeing Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull win everything in sight.

As if claiming the last four drivers' and constructors' championships was not bad enough, Vettel set a new F1 record on Sunday for number of consecutive victories in one season with his eighth in a row.

Horner, however, feels the critics should focus more on Red Bull's rivals for not doing a good enough job.

"We compete in a championship to the same regulations as all the others," said Horner.

"So, we do the best job we can and then we measure ourselves against our opponents every couple of weeks. It is not down to us to help the others to succeed.

"Our focus is very much on ourselves to improve, and we will look at every grand prix to see where we can do better, where can we improve - operationally, technically, with reliability or from the drivers.

"We don't feel in any way bad about the fact we have done a lot of winning, and it never gets boring because what you have to remember are the days when we were not winning.

"The amount of effort that goes into the performances you see today, from a design, operational and logistical point of view, it means all the departments doing their bit.

"That is one of the reasons why we sent our IT director up to get the trophy (following Vettel's win at the United States Grand Prix). We are a team at the end of the day and all those elements have to come together.

"We also broke the pit-stop record for a car being stationary of 1.94 seconds (for Mark Webber), which is 0.9 seconds faster than we went in Malaysia. It is about everything working together."

Even for the final race of the season in Brazil there will be no let-up from Red Bull as they have two more objectives in their sights.

Another win for Vettel will see him equal Alberto Ascari's all-time record of nine successive victories set back in 1952-53.

Horner would also like for Webber to finish third in the championship which would serve as a fitting finale to the Australian's F1 career.

"You only have to look in the eyes of every single member of the team to see the motivation and desire that still exits," added Horner.

"Even though we won the championship in India we have been pushing flat out, and as I have always said, we will continue to do so until the chequered flag in Brazil.

"The target now is to try to get Mark the third place in the drivers' championship and see out the season in style.

"Mark would not want to be gifted a win, but it would be great to see him win his final race - what a way to sign out!

"But then Sebastian is going for the record as well. As usual it will be a straight fight between the pair of them, with nobody lacking motivation or being complacent in any way."