Eight players in total from Oulart-The Ballagh and Naomh Barróg will appeal proposed bans in the wake of a fight during the AIB Leinster intermediate club hurling quarter-final between the two sides.

Violent scenes marred the game at Parnell Park earlier this month when a row broke out among players and spectators.

Leinster Council released a statement on Friday evening confirming that Naomh Barróg have accepted a fine of €2,000 and the loss of home advantage for the Leinster final should they reach it.

Two supporters, one from each club, have accepted bans of 48 and 96 weeks, while one player has accepted a one-match ban. However, eight more have requested a hearing from the Leinster Hearings Committee.

A Leinster Council statement read: "An investigation was launched by Comhairle Laighean CCC into an incident which occurred during the above fixture.

"This investigation has now concluded, and Leinster CCC issued proposed penalties to the clubs themselves and to players/member/supporters of both clubs.

"It was proposed that Naomh Barróg be fined €2,000 and should they win their Leinster Club semi-final, they have home advantage removed from them for the final. Naomh Barróg have accepted these penalties.

"Oulart The Ballagh have requested a hearing from the Leinster Hearings Committee in relation to their proposed penalties.

"In addition nine playing members from both clubs and two supporters from both clubs received proposed penalties arising from the incident.

"One player accepted a one-match ban and two supporters who had proposed bans of 48 and 96 weeks, have not requested a hearing, accordingly their proposed penalties will now be imposed. Eight playing members have requested a hearing from the Leinster Hearings Committee."