The drama of Sunday's drawn All-Ireland hurling semi-final between Kilkenny and Tipperary has received much adulation.

It was an exhillarating clash that saw 54 scores as, not for the first time, the Cats and Tipp served up a classic on finals day.

Former Tipperary player and manager and now RTÉ analyst, Liam Sheedy, reflected on the game by saying: "The 82,179 that went in the gates of Croke Park were treated to one of the greatest games of all time. I, for one, can't wait for the replay." 

It's the third year on the trot that the decider has gone to a replay and while Sheedy believes that now is "a rollercoaster of a ride for anyone interested in hurling", he would like to see the game develop in a lot more counties.

"I think in Ireland we have a bit of work to do as we probably only have eight teams that have a realistic chance of winning Liam MacCarthy," he declared. 

"The challenge for us in this country right now is to have more counties competing. When you see the spectacle that we had on Sunday, wouldn’t you love to see every county make a giant step forward in the next number of years in terms of the way they play and participate in the game of hurling.  

"The challenge for us in this country right now is to have more counties competing" 

"It’s just a fantastic game. Any child that would have watched the All-Ireland final couldn’t be but sitting on the edge of their seat and going out to the back yard dreaming that someday they might stand in the middle of Croke Park and be part of a spectacle."  

After further assessment on Sunday's stalemate at GAA HQ, Sheedy is of the view that both counties will feel they could have won it.

"I feel if Tipperary had to score the penalty in the first half to put them eight points ahead, they could have pushed on," he added.

"You have to credit Kilkenny, though. This team won’t go away. They turned it around in the second half and put themselves into a winning position, four points up with nine minutes left on the clock. You then thought it was going to be their day as they generally don’t cough up a lead. 

"Tipp then got the momentum in the last five minutes in terms of picking off the final three scores. There was a sea of blue and gold coming up the field at the end and they looked to be getting on top." 

Looking ahead to the replay. Sheedy believes both teams will need to improve in defence.

"Kilkenny got away with conceding only one goal yesterday. Tipp conceded three goals and they’ll want to tighten up. 

"Kilkenny forwards Colin Fennelly and Walter Walsh had quieter days than they normally had. The Tipperary forward line as a unit managed to break down the toughest defence in the game and score 1-28 off them."