New Leinster hurling champions James Stephens will not be offering a replay of the Leinster final to UCD.

The Kilkenny side won the match by a point, but TG4's video evidence clearly illustrated that one of the James Stephens' points was wide.

The ball struck the post, above the head of an umpire, and went wide, and despite UCD protests, a point was awarded.

Despite the fact that the game would have ended in a draw if the point hadn’t been awarded, James Stephens secretary Mick Moore has ruled out the possibility of a replay.

"The officials were appointed, the match was played and the result should stand," he said. 

He had seen the TV replay, but pointed out that James Stephens had suffered similar disappointments down through the years - especially in the county final replay of 1996, when a similar event occurred and they lost the match by a point.