Lisnagarvey 3-2 UCD

Lisnagarvey lifted the men's Irish Senior Cup for the 24th time after an exciting 3-2 win over a strong UCD.

The game started at an incredible pace with Lisnagarvey’s Ben Nelson nabbing the opening goal of the game within the first 90 seconds.

However, UCD’s Andrew Meates got an equaliser before the clock had reach two and half minutes.

UCD took the lead in the second quarter with a goal from Sam Byrne. An aerial pass from Meates came in close to the goal, Guy Sarratt's initial hit the post and Byrnes was there to finish the job.

Lisnagarvey found their rhythm in the second half. A penalty corner shot from James Corry flashed just wide, and that was followed by a flurry of attacks.

Sarratt secured a brief reprieve for UCD with a run into Lisnagarvey’s half, however this was quickly intercepted and Lisnagarvey were back again posing a threat to UCD’s circle.

It took until the last quarter for the pressure to tell.

Matthew Nelson got the leveller and Andrew Williamson then popped up to nudge his team ahead.

UCD were stung into action, with Sarratt going close, though James Lormier almost got a fourth goal for Lisnagarvey at the death, his attempt clipping the post.

It didn't matter in the end. Lisnagarvey got over the line to take the trophy.

Lisnagarvey: J Lorimer, J Lynch, J Bell, M McNellis, J Corry, R Getty, A Williamson, B Nelson, H Morris, D Nelson, M Aughey, M Morris, C Chambers, A Edgar, M Milliken, M Connor, P Hunter, J Milliken, T Chambers, P Watson, J Ritchie.

UCD: M Maguire, J Pullen, A Flynn, A Keane, C Empey, A Tutty, A Meates, D Nolan, J Henry, M Samuel, P Lynch, G Sarratt, C Murphy, E Ramsay, J Guilfoyle, S Wells, S Byrne, I De Boe Agnew