The Hockey Ireland board has confirmed that the EY Hockey League season has been declared null and void, following consultation with branches and on the recommendation of a competition working group.

Hockey Ireland initially announced on 26 March that the 2019/20 season for all domestic hockey competitions was deemed to have finished.

Officials decided that there were too many league games left to play to determine a fair final ranking by mathematical or other means.

The ruling means that there will be no automatic promotion or relegation in EYHL 1 and 2.

However, the board has requested that the competitions group consider increasing the number of teams in the divisions for next season. 

European club competition places will be determined at a later stage by the board, pending the outcome of the current European season and a verdict from the European Hockey Federation.

Hockey Ireland branches will use a percentage equalisation method to complete league standings in their respective provinces.

If branch cups are at semi-final or final stages, or can be completed, they are now postponed, with the possibility of completion in 2021.