England's Tyrrell Hatton will rein in his emotions for the sake of his playing partner out on the course when the Ryder Cup starts at Whistling Straits.

The 29-year-old, playing in his second event, has developed something of a fiery reputation for being emotional on the course and highly self-critical.

But he intends to keep a lid on things in order to keep the natural harmony of the team in balance.

"I can’t really do that this week because it’s almost not fair on your partner," he said of his tendency to blow off steam on the course.

"You don’t want to almost essentially bring them down, that’s not what we’re about. That’s not what you do as a team. You’re in it together.

"Obviously you support one another and go out there and try and play as well as you can."

Hatton believes qualifying for back-to-back Ryder Cup teams has been a positive for him personally.

He won one point from three matches, having qualified third on the European points list, in Paris.

"I was obviously pleased to make this Ryder Cup Team, I guess prove to myself that I can (and 2018) wasn’t one-off," he added.

"I guess for me that I’m good enough to be here. The fact that I’ve made two teams now is good for me as an individual and how my own thought process kind of works.

"Obviously growing up watching the Ryder Cup and certain members on our team that you’ve idolised and now you’re sharing a team room with them and obviously it makes it very special."