Bryson DeChambeau says he has "wrecked" his hands ahead of the Ryder Cup by preparing to compete in a long drive contest.

DeChambeau will make his second appearance in the Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits from 24-26 September, before also taking part in the Professional Long Drive World Championships in Mesquite, Nevada, the following week.

Speaking about his preparations for the latter event during the recent Tour Championship, the former US Open champion told "My hands are wrecked from it.

"People don't realise how difficult long drive really is. In golf, it’s the one thing where you can judge your accomplishments by a number.

"Not necessarily by going out and playing golf, because you can catch a sprinkler head or catch a bad break or bad wind. On Flightscope, you can see the ball speed number. And when you obtain a ball speed number, it’s so different and unique.

"It’s like a shot-putter shot-putting a new record number. You’re trying to find that full potential to break through."

Asked how he would balance preparing for the Ryder Cup with his training for the long drive event, DeChambeau added: "I do it every week.

"Is it daunting? Hell yeah. At first, when I was trying to do it last year, it was very scary.

"But now that I’ve been through it and experienced the worst pains from it, and the most relaxed state of it where I’m not doing any speed training, I know how to kind of balance it – for the most part. Why not go hard at life and do both?"