The PGA Tour will end its required Covid-19 weekly testing program starting at next month's 3M Open.

The tour confirmed on its official website: "Asymptomatic, pre-tournament testing for Covid-19 will be discontinued at the 3M Open, which will be played 22-25 July in Blaine, Minnesota.

"On-site testing will still be available for symptomatic individuals, and the Tour may still conduct periodic testing of all constituents."

Golf Digest and Golf Channel acquired a memo from PGA Tour senior vice-president Tyler Dennis containing more details about the policy shift.

Weekly on-site testing, complimentary at-home testing and all pro-am testing will be discontinued starting with the 3M Open.

"We are pleased to announce, after consultation with PGA Tour medical advisors, that due to the high rate of vaccination among all constituents on the PGA Tour, as well as other positively trending factors across the country, testing for Covid-19 will no longer be required as a condition of competition beginning with the 3M Open," Dennis wrote.