Bryson DeChambeau's failure to warn spectators after hitting a wayward drive was "disgusting" and "disgraceful", according to former pro golfer Gary Murphy.

The etiquette in the sport is to shout 'fore’ after an errant shot to warn spectators or other golfers on the course.

However, 2020 US Open champion DeChambeau has been criticised for his silence after his drive on the fourth hole of his third round at Torrey Pines yesterday.

"He’s not shouting ‘fore’, which is disgusting," former European Tour player Murphy said on RTÉ’s Sunday Sport.

"He’ll have a strategy, he’ll hit it in the rough on certain holes, which is fine, but he winged three or four drives into the rough with galleries there.

"I don’t know why the commentators aren’t picking up on it enough. I just think it’s disgraceful.

"Hopefully someone doesn’t get hit. The speed that he hits the ball, as hard as that ball is coming in it could do serious damage.

"You have a responsibility as a player to the viewing public and he’s not doing that.

"I think he's a fantastic golfer, he's great for the game, he's changing a lot of things but it's just wrong what he's doing and he should be called out on it."

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RTÉ Golf commentator Greg Allen warned that golf fans won’t put up with that sort of behaviour.

"Sometime some spectator is going to get hit and he’s not going to accept a signed glove," he said.

"He’s going to maybe hit him back."