Tournament organisers will not lengthen the 13th hole at Augusta National before next year's Masters, but club chairman Fred Ridley hopes a "call to action" is imminent in the long-running distance debate.

The fifth hole was lengthened by 40 yards in 2019 - and played the hardest hole on the course - and a new tee could be added on the par-five 13th after the purchase of land from the adjacent Augusta Country Club.

However, even if the likes of Bryson DeChambeau continue to have a pitching wedge for their second shot to the 13th this week, Ridley is not keen on adding yardage to the hole.

"I've been reluctant thus far to make any major changes in regard to adding distance to the golf course," Ridley said at his annual pre-tournament press conference.

"I think there are unintended consequences that come out of that; the scale and the scope of the hole changes when you add distance. Having said that, I think we are at a crossroads as it relates to this issue.

"We have always been very supportive of the governing bodies, we will continue to be supportive. We think it's good that the game of golf is governed by the USGA and the R&A, we think they are great stewards of the game.

"But I'm hopeful with the studies that have been ongoing for some time that we're coming close to a call to action."

The next stage of the R&A and USGA's Distance Insights Project (DIP) has been delayed until March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But the topic continues to dominate the agenda, largely thanks to the incredible distances being achieved by US Open champion DeChambeau.

"All I can say as it relates to our golf course is that we have options and we will take the necessary action to make sure we stay relevant," Ridley added.

"The 13th hole still provides a lot of drama, but its challenge is being diminished. We don't think that's good for the Masters, we don't think that's good for the game.

"But the issue's a lot larger than Augusta National and the Masters. We have options, we can make changes, but not every golf course can."

Asked about lengthening the 13th in time for the 2021 Masters in April, Ridley said: "I can say no to that because our season is under way and we would not make any changes in that time period. Beyond that I wouldn't speculate."