The manager of the golf club where Shane Lowry started playing has paid tribute to the newly-crowned Open champion, saying he will be "remembered in Esker Hills for ever more".

"We're just overwhelmed by the result, number one, and what Shane did for us yesterday we just cannot believe it.," Ray Molloy, Manager of Esker Hills told RTÉ.

We hoped for the last few years that his big day would come, eh, but it came yesterday and it came in abundance.

"And we're just so proud of him and everybody in Esker Hills had a great day yesterday,and we have been just astounded. We'd messages of goodwill, emails and we had a long, long night and that's why my voice is a little bit hoarse this morning."

Malloy added: "He came to us around 2000 as a young man, 12, 13 years of age and just starting playing golf. For the first two years he was self-taught, he just went from strength to strength.

"He is the most important man in Offaly today - by a mile. He will be remembered in Esker Hills for ever more. To bring the first major to the Midlands is just huge, we just cannot believe our luck.

"We don't fully realise how big a deal it is for him to do that. We are are small club, 200 members. We are so proud of the Lowry family, what they have done."