Rory McIlroy has admitted to doing some stupid things in his life but almost leaving Canada for Pebble Beach without his tournament-winning putter would have been right up there.

The world number three hit form at the RBC Canadian Open last weekend and romped to a seven-shot victory following a final round 61 at the Hamilton Golf and Country Club.

And at the presentation ceremony, McIlroy was gifted a basketball jersey of local side, the Toronto Raptors, who are currently contesting the NBA finals against Golden State Warriors.

McIlroy inadvertently returned the compliment by handing Golf Canada CEO Laurence Applebaum his putter at the ceremony as the four-time major winner played up to the crowd, donning the jersey and shouting "Raptors in five", in relation to the seven-game series.

"He gave me a Raptors jersey and I gave him my putter and thought he was going to give it to [my caddie] up at the scoring area," said McIlroy.

"And I saw Harry [Diamond]. He goes, ‘Where's your putter?’

"I said, ‘Could you go and find Laurence? He's got my putter. And put it back in the bag and make sure the bag gets on the plane and goes to California'.

"So, no, I definitely didn't give it away. I know I've done some stupid things in the past, but that would have been right up there."

McIlroy, the jersey and his bag did thankfully make it to the California coast for this week’s US Open, but the sports fan confirmed that the jersey would be staying in the suitcase this week.

The jersey was emblazoned with the name Lowry on the back; not Shane Lowry, of course, but rather Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry.

And despite the fact that McIlroy gave the Canadian fans what they wanted at the presentation, he is very aware that their opponents in the final, Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors are based just a couple hours’ drive up the coast from Pebble Beach in Oakland.

"I'll be obviously an interested onlooker this week [of the finals, which Raptors currently lead 3-2 heading into Game 6] and it's a nice distraction from what we're doing, " said McIlroy.

"But that Raptors jersey this week is probably staying in the suitcase."