It took a while for Justin Rose to get over his disappointment at losing the BMW Championship on a playoff, but moving to world number one helped.

Rose heads into this weekend’s FedEx Cup season-finale Tour Championship in Atlanta, Georgia, at the top of golf’s rankings.

His recent second placed finish, losing a Monday playoff to Keegan Bradley in Aronimink, was enough to see him climb to the highest rung on the ladder, which was some consolation.

"I knew after I signed my card after the playoff started, it was enough to be number one," he said. "But a playoff is a playoff, and they're over really quickly; if you make a mistake, it's not like you have time to recover.

"So yeah, obviously it was disappointing to finish the tournament that way.

"One of the things I'm proud of last week was the putt I hit to win the tournament. My last putt was a great putt that didn't drop.

"You've got to look at things sometimes in a positive light, so I feel like I did a lot right, just the playoff, I'd like just to leave it there. That wasn't great."

The Englishman says that the reaction he received following defeat to the news that he’d made the top of the rankings helped to cheer him up.

"The reaction on my phone; you can always judge it on your phone," he explained. "If you win a Major, your phone blows up; you win a tournament, you get a nice bunch of messages.

"And getting to world number one, my phone blew up again. You can kind of gauge it from the response really of your wider network. It was a big moment for sure. I've enjoyed it."

He continued: "I've been able to have just a glass of champagne over the weekend with a couple close friends and try to just mark it, saying this is fun, this is a moment we've worked hard for, but also you realize that life goes on at home.

"The kids were happy for five minutes and then they're on to the next thing, so nothing changes at home. I'm still number two or three there," he smiled.

Rose could be overtaken in the rankings this weekend by the likes of Brooks Koepka or Dustin Johnson, but he is determined to finish the year top of the pile.

Rose is in the swing

He said: "It's really tight up top. It could easily switch this week. I just feel that if I go to two or three this week, if Dustin and Brooks both play well, I have an opportunity the week after and British Masters, and going to China and Turkey.

"There's going to be opportunities to get back there. So I'd love to end the year number one. I'd say that's a goal.

"I think if I lose it between now and then, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it because it is so tight at the top. Literally, if I finish seventh this week and Brooks finishes sixth, he'll go to number one, so it is that tight

"If I were going to talk about my career, I'd say Justin Rose, Major champion, Olympic gold medalist, world number one.

"That's the three things I would choose to say. Not necessarily in that order maybe, but that's how I would just simplify my career. Those would be the top three."