A second-place finish at the Valspar Championship was further proof that Tiger Woods could be a force again.

Afterwards, Woods told NBC: "I keep getting just a little bit better and a little bit sharper (in general)".

RTÉ Sport's Greg Allen and former professional Gary Murphy both feel that having the former world number one back as a contender is only good for the game.

When asked why golf needs Tiger Woods, Allen said on 2fm's Game On: "Tiger moves the dial. He gets everybody interested. There are extraordinary levels of people who are marginally interested in the game of golf, not only because he's Tiger, not only because he has a swagger, not only because he is one of the greatest players of all time, but because he is one of the great redemption stories in the history of sport full stop.  

Picking up on the latter, Murphy revealed: "His life has been a redemption. He grew up and dominated a sport that was a 'white' sport. His 'kind' wasn't allowed to be in the country clubs at certain courses.  

"He broke down all those barriers and has become the greatest golfer that has ever lived, proably without question. Okay Jack (Nicklaus) has won more majors but Jack didn't move the dial as much. Golf is in a good place at the moment.

"We proably have 12 to 15 players that all can be world number one in their own right. But you match them all together and they are still not matching Tiger.

So, can Woods be a regular winner again?

Our experts don't think so, but they look at the bigger picture.

"He gets the fact that that this is where he wants to be 14 rounds into his comeback"

Murphy continued: "I think his comeback is nearly complete. If he wins another tournament it will be his 80th success on the PGA Tour. It's a career for a lot of guys to play in 80 events. Will Tiger win again? He will. Will he be dominant again? I don't think so."

Allen went on to admit he actually now a soft spot for the American when saying: "Tiger Woods is not the player he was before 2013. There is a softness about him around the edges. I actually like him now. I can't believe I'm saying that.

"It was a privilege to have watched all his major wins. Yet, I have watched him walk through tunnels of fans after rounds of golf and be ignorant. I think now he is smelling the flowers. It may not work to his advantage. Can he win being nice? One thing that is for sure is that he is all-in on this comeback.

"There is a huge engagement of his competitive juices. He gets the fact that that this is where he wants to be 14 rounds into his comeback."