Rory McIlroy is hoping that two weeks of practice at Augusta National pays off as he prepares for the first round of the 2017 Masters tomorrow.

The Ulsterman has spent much of the last fortnight out on the fairways at Augusta and he focuses on trying to complete a career Grand Slam.

McIlroy famously lost a four-shot lead in the final round on the 2011 Master after collapsing to a closing 80 and knows limiting his mistakes is key to getting his hands on a green jacket.

However following his build-up this year, McIlroy believes he's in a good place mentally and is hoping that the familiarity of Augusta will play in his favour.

Speaking to RTÉ Sport, he said "I’ve played here a good bit over the last couple of weeks and I’ve played well. I’ve shot some good scores and I feel like I know what I’m doing around here.

"It’s all there and I know it’s all there, it’s just a matter of going out and doing it.

"Even driving down Magnolia Lane this morning for the first time this week, it didn’t feel that special because I’ve done it some much in the last couple of weeks.

"The more you can make Augusta National feel like your home golf course, the better. Just being comfortable with your surroundings and playing it as if it were your home course.

"I wanted to come up here and have fun. It wasn’t two days of mapping greens and pin positions and trying to figure out where it’ll leave it if I hit it somewhere."

McIlroy has added the fun factor to his preparations, playing with family and friends at Augusta over the last week.

"It was literally one ball, shoot a score, have fun. My dad was up here, I played with him, I played with a few members, I was up here with Phil Mickelson and Justin Thomas and we just played some games.

"It’s definitely been the most enjoyable build-up because it’s been fun. It’s been, going out and trying to shoot a score and trying to win a bit of money off the boys. That’s been the way I’ve prepared."