Darren Clarke has admitted he would find it hard to turn down the Ryder Cup captaincy for the European team in 2014.

Clarke, speaking on the Late Late Show on RTÉ One on Friday night, stated he hoped to be in contention as a player for Gleneagles but if not he would like to take the role as captain.

The European Tour committee will make an announcement on the post in January.

Clarke said: "I would much prefer to be a player. It is not quite the same. The past couple of competitions I have been vice-captain and it is not the same.

"It is great, the atmosphere is great, but you’re not hitting a shot. It is not the same. You basically go there and you stand holding the toilet doors for the guys to let them come in and out! It is one of those sort of things.

"It is an awkward position right now because we have my good friend Paul McGinley and myself both vying for the same position. One of the two of us is going to miss out which is going to be disappointing.

"But the way to look at it is we are two of the main candidates and Ireland is going to have its first Ryder Cup captain. Whichever one of us it is, the other one of us will be disappointed, but we’re going to have an Irish captain."