With his US Open victory still sinking in, Webb Simpson appears to have ruled out playing next month's British Open at Lytham.

Simpson's wife Dowd is expecting their second child just after The Open on July 19-22.

The 26-year-old American said said: "I'm a guy who loves my family and we're probably only going to have a couple more babies, so I have the rest of my life to play in the British Open.

"I don't want to miss the birth of the second child, so it's an easy decision.

"After winning it's certainly a little harder not to go because I'd love to go and try to win another major, but in the grand scheme of things and grand scheme of life it's a decision that I know I'll always be happy that I made.

"The first experience watching my first son being born was one of the greatest experiences I think a person can have - and I don't want to miss it again."