RTÉ hurling analysts Anthony Daly and Donal Óg Cusack have defended the Dublin players from criticism for remaining on the field to take selfies after losing heavily to Kilkenny in the Leinster championship encounter in Parnell Park on Saturday evening.

On RTÉ Radio 1, five-time all-star John Mullane harshly criticised the Dublin players for staying on the pitch following their lop-sided defeat, labelling their refusal to depart the field quickly as "pathetic."

"I'm a bit disgusted and I'm not going on a Roy Keane rant here," Mullane said on Saturday Sport on RTÉ Radio 1.

"But the Dublin players are still out on the field, they're getting selfies, they're getting pats on the back, they're laughing and joking with their friends. They've been beaten by 17 points.

"I know you have to give autographs and get into photographs but there's a time and a place.

"I can see TJ Reid, all the kids went towards TJ Reid, but the majority of the Kilkenny players were gone in (to the dressing room). And I'm looking out here and there's still Dublin players out here, laughing, joking and getting into selfies. I saw one Dublin player here and he was holding the phone up for the selfie.

"They're after being beaten by 17 points. Get in off the field, get into the shower. Don't be laughing and joking out on the field. And get ready for Galway next week.

"I think it's pathetic. Honest to God, I think it's pathetic."

Mullane suggested that if Dublin supporters wanted to know why the current senior team weren't hitting the heights they reached during Anthony Daly's reign, then the scene following the game offered a clue as to why.

But ahead of today's Munster double-header, Donal Óg Cusack said he'd be "slow to criticise" players for staying on the pitch after the game.

"I'd be slow to criticise players for that. I think it's a beautiful thing from our players that they stay around the field after the game. It's not because they want to be doing that.

"I would say there's a lack of understanding from the crowd sometimes about what the players are going through. But I think it's testament to the type of player that we have that they stay around the field.

"I've no doubt when the Dublin players woke up today, they felt terrible.

"I get where John is coming from and it made for good radio. But I'd just be slow not to keep encouraging our players, regardless of what they're going through, to stay there.

"Especially in Dublin. We know the game needs characters, needs heroes in Dublin and the last thing wanted was someone going out of Parnell Park last night with an impression of one of the Dublin hurlers was that they got beaten by an 'x' amount of points and then they wouldn't even stay on the field to get their picture taken.

"You're in a no-win position as a player."

Ex-Dublin manager Anthony Daly agreed saying, "It's the last place they wanted to be. But it's courtesy, they're not looking for limelight. Those lads are just obliging families who came onto the field."