Kerry senior hurler Shane Nolan has cited family and work commitments has the main reasons why he has decided to walk away from the county squad.

The Crotta clubman did not make the starting line-up for last weekend's Division 2A league defeat against Down and took issue with comments made by Kingdom boss Stephen Molumphy on the reasons for his departure.

Molumphy told The Kerryman: "No player likes being dropped for a game and falling to the bench and unfortunately Shane just decided he didn't want to be a sub coming on so he pulled himself off the panel."

In response, Nolan outlined to The Kerryman that his decision was down to achieving a balance between work and the arrival of his newborn daughter Ava.

"I've been a sub under every Kerry manager and I've no issue with it. It’s as important as being a starter," he said.

"I've been a sub on football teams who won championships and had no problem with it. I’ve no issue with being a sub all my life."

"I've been struggling for the last number of weeks knowing that I’m too busy at work (with the family business - Nolan Concrete), working six days a week, long shifts, running a family business," he continued.

"There’s only two employees really. There’s my father, who’s 70 this year, and myself, so when I’m not around he has to do all the work, which I think is unfair.

"I’d a baby due the day of the league final so I needed to focus on that. I didn’t know what way I’d be able to react to having a baby, because it was my first time, so I didn't know if I’d be able to carry on as normal or what way it’d work.

"That’s the reason for the bad timing, which was Thursday morning, to let them know. I went training Wednesday night just to see would everything be different, but my mind really was just at home with Ava and Vanessa [his partner]. I realised that my family must come first.

"For the last how long I’m playing Kerry senior hurling, thirteen or fourteen years, I’ve prioritised myself first by being away most weekends of the year and not having much of a social life. Now, after having a baby, I’ve realised that other people in my life need to come first at this moment in time anyway."