Tyrone joint manager Feargal Logan says he will reserve judgement on whether four of his players deserved to be sent off against Armagh until he has seen the video but admitted he was "not proud" of the dismissals.

Referee David Gough sent off captain Padraig Hampsey, Peter Harte, Footballer of the Year Kieran McGeary and Michael McKernan from the All-Ireland champions, along with Armagh's Greg McCabe, following a late melee in the Orchard County's 2-14 to 0-14 Allianz Football League win today.

"At this remove it's hard to say. We were along the sideline and it was out in the far corner," Logan told RTÉ Sport.

"I think it was a lot of jostling and stuff, I'm not so sure whether there were any blows struck or striking action. But in fairness it’s not easy to deal with for referees, umpires, linesmen.

"We will have to study the video and look at it all. How balanced or imbalanced the position is now, we don’t know. Both teams were involved in the schemozzle.

"We’ve just got to sit back now and watch the video, see if we can redeem the situation in any way. There are good fair procedures, checks and balances in place, and we’ll see where it takes us.

"We’ll have to reserve the overall view on that.

"We’re not proud of it but we’ll but have to study it and whatever way it comes through we’ll have to deal with it. That’s life and that’s football."

Tyrone had trailed Armagh by 11 at one stage but cut the gap to four late on before the late dismissals and eventually lost by six.

"The first-half performance was way sub-standard but the second half was up there with what you expect from a Tyrone team.

"We put in a massive second-half shift there to try and drag Armagh back towards us.

"We nearly got them to a one-kick game and if we had got them to that, with five or six minutes of injury time, who knows?

"So it’s just a pity for everybody involved that we didn’t get to see that.

"But we have to commend Armagh, they’re a very hungry and well-conditioned team."