The GAA's annual congress will vote next month on a motion to retain penalties punishing fouls that deny goal-scoring opportunities for another two years.

The penalties for certain fouls were ratified by Congress 2021 and had a significant effect on reducing cynical fouling in both codes last season.

Central Council is expected to bring a motion to Congress 2022, to be held in Bekan at the end of February, seeking retainment of the temporary rules for another two years.

In Gaelic football, a deliberate foul committed on an attacking player (if a goal-scoring opportunity was on) inside the 20-metre line or the semi-circular arc, was punished by a penalty to the attacking team and a black card.

A similar rule in hurling specified certain types of fouls rather than judging intent but also punished the denial of a goalscoring opportunity with a penalty and sin-binning.

The original directives were brought forward by the Standing Committee on Playing Rules (SCPR) and had an immediate impact. Before Christmas, Central Council backed the motion to retain Rules 5.42 and 5.46 at the upcoming congress and the designation of the rules has since been fleshed out further.

This season an attacking player will have to be within that 20-metre line or arc with a goalscoring opportunity ahead and the tackle must be on the player in possession of the ball before a decision is made in this regard.

An amendment proposes that fouls "as a 'rule of thumb" less than 25 metres infield of each side-line would not be considered goalscoring opportunities, meaning a repeat of last summer's controversial decision to award a penalty against Clare's Aidan McCarthy for a foul near the sideline would be unlikely.

Meanwhile, the right of the referee to adjudge whether all the necessary criteria have been met is retained.

Ahead of the start of this weekend’s Allianz Football League, if the numbers, compiled by Gaelic Stats, of last year’s series are mirrored there will be further healthy scoring rates to look forward to in the coming weeks.

In football, last year’s league tally of almost 37 points per game was a record high – while the same average total was reached per championship game.

As 2021 unfolded and players got to grips with the new rules, fouling also fell on average by 10 fouls per game from league to championship.

This season has also seen the GAA move to a fully cashless ticketing system for all inter-county games.