The GAA's Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC) have confirmed the return of maor usice role as water breaks scrapped ahead of Allianz League.

In mid-summer 2020, amid a raft of policy directives to adjust to Covid regulations, the GAA introduced one water break to take place between the 15th and 20th minute in each half of games, at the referee’s discretion.

Players were instructed to come to the area in front of their team zone and drink from their own clearly marked bottle.

But it had been known for some time that use of the breaks would most likely be ended by the GAA once the government significantly eased or lifted Covid-19 restrictions.

And following last Friday’s meeting of the Management Committee and Central Council a day later the clear feedback was to urge the cessation of the breaks.

Each team will be allowed two maoir uisce and with continuing chat around the abolition of the maor foirne, there are very strict regulations around their positioning and instructions not to enter the field.

Managers, coaches, substitutes, injured players or members of the extended panel may not fulfil the role and they are not permitted to use communication devices such as walkie talkies. ies.

In hurling the maor uisce will also act as hurley carriers and therefore may enter the field of play with a replacement hurley when necessary.

As games progressed in 2020 and 2021, amid varying fluctuations of the virus spread, water breaks allowed players to consume fluids in a safe manner.

The CCCC confirmed before Christmas that water breaks came under scrutiny with some managers using them more as a coaching cameo.

Some teams also began using more than the recommended one-minute slot.