Ulster GAA president Ciaran McLaughlin has said that the redevelopment of Casement Park is a priority during his term in the provincial chair.

A judicial review of the project is set to take place in March following an intervention by a local residents' group.

This followed ministerial approval for the project from the Northern Ireland Executive which was granted last July.

McLaughlin says the prolonged planning process is a cause of huge frustration but is adamant there is very strong local backing for the project among residents – despite the latest intervention from some locals.

But in a statement, the new Ulster president said that he was heartened to see huge support for the redevelopment from other residents that they met recently.

"Ulster GAA were invited to meet a group of local residents, who wanted to outline their determination to see the project redeveloped as soon as possible. It was heartening to hear, first-hand, the commitment and passion that there is for the redevelopment of Casement Park amongst local residents and I commend their determination to ensure that their voice will not be lost," McLaughlin stated.

"The protracted planning process has been extremely frustrating for everyone and I would like to thank local residents, our members and the whole community for their continued understanding and patience as we seek to deliver Ulster’s provincial ground and Antrim’s home in the heart of West Belfast."

Stephen McGeehan, Ulster GAA Project Sponsor said the fact that Ulster GAA had been approached for a meeting by a group of local residents who live beside the stadium was noteworthy.

McGeehan said that those residents wanted to convey their support for the project is very significant and claims it reflects the mood of the wider community.

"The group shared a letter with every Ulster GAA delegate outlining their reasons for supporting the initiative and their determination to ensure that supportive local voices will be heard in coming weeks and months ahead."