A week out from the Special Congress that could result in a major overhaul of the football championship, Colm O'Rourke has voiced his disappointment that the GAA top brass have not yet aired their views on the various proposals.

Delegates have three proposals to vote on: (A) - the provincial conferences option that sees eight teams play in each of the provinces, (B) - league-based championship, with the provincial championship played in the spring, and (C) - a football season featuring the qualifiers - the status quo as it were.

Of the three of them, (B), has gained much traction.

Speaking on RTÉ's Saturday Sport, Colm O'Rourke favours change in the form of the above proposal, but would like to see the Croke Park hierarchy come out with their say.

"I'm very surprised and disappointed we have heard nothing from them," said the two-time All-Ireland winner.

"Larry McCarthy was involved with the proposals along with John Horan, so if they put their name to it they obviously prefer them and have advocated for change.

"I'm also disappointed that Tom Ryan hasn't come out. Leadership is supposed to come from the top of an organisation. Ryan is the chief executive of the GAA and he should be saying what is best for the organisation, the same with the president.

"It should be up to them to give a lead on this. Every organisation needs leadership from the top. Where else are you going to get it? In any company or organisation, the managing director or those involved at the highest level, well if they abdicate their responsibility for major change that will affect people at the bottom then you'd have chaos.

"The GAA deserve that people at the top should come out, one way or the other, to either stay with this broken system or urge people to make this great leap forward.

"I hope they come out and advocate for change."

Former Derry star Conleth Gilligan, while accepting that Proposal B is "far from perfect", has fears it may be a while for radical change to come again if delegates opt to reject.

"There are a lot of stakeholders involved in this vote, fair bit of work from the GPA, but my fear is that this will be buried and we'll have the status quo for a long time. The chance for opportunity, a different direction, may be gone. What's proposed is not perfect, but it's the least-worst option."