The Gaelic Players Association looks set to offer its backing to a league-championship football structure ahead of next month's Special Congress.

The GPA is preparing to canvass inter-county footballers to see which championship structure they would prefer as Congress prepares to map out a path forward for the future structure of the Gaelic football season.

Two new formats for football are on the table, including a transformation of the provincial championships into four equally-sized groups of eight counties and a more radical switching of the Allianz League into the summer. This option would incorporate the provincial championships being played off in the spring.

The third option is that the current format remains with some changes.

RTÉ Sport understands that there has already been very strong support from the GPA membership for Proposal B, the league-based championship, which would see the provincial championships retained, as well as a Tailteann Cup competition.

To date, the GPA’s football-playing members have been provided with a video demonstration which outlines details of the two proposals to be considered by Special Congress on 30 October.

The upcoming canvass will represent the final stage of the GPA consultation process since they were first invited to join the Fixtures Review Taskforce in 2019.

A series of player workshops and surveys over the past two years have already been held.

The GPA National Executive Committee will now focus on establishing its final position, but data already received shows Proposal B to be a clear favourite as that system aligns with core principles of the players’ group.

These include maximising the number of championship games to allow for greater development across all divisions, giving all teams a chance to compete for Sam Maguire, and also providing the greatest opportunity for the Tailteann Cup to succeed.

The GPA wants a structure which would see a greater uncertainty of outcome in championship games, with teams regularly competing against teams at similar tier and level.

It’s believed that one of the main concerns the GPA has with Proposal A is the requirement of rebalancing provincial championships, which would see some counties compete outside of the provinces they would be traditionally line up in.

The final GPA vote on the matter will be determined by the GPA National Executive Committee on 6 October.