Tyrone attacker Kieran McGeary says he has never met a team of the talent and attacking threat possessed by the current Kerry side.

And he expects the Red Hands to be bombarded by attacks from all angles in Saturday's All-Ireland SFC semi-final.

"We’ve never met an animal before like the one we’re going to meet," said McGeary.

"There’s quite a number of fires to be put out there on the Kerry team, and we’ll have to nullify some more than others."

It’s not clear how the effects of a Covid-19 outbreak will manifest at Croke Park, but the Pomeroy Plunketts man insisted that Tyrone will be as strong and committed as they possibly can be.

"We have to be prepared as best we can, and we’re going to be using every single day and night that we have to try and prepare to the best of our ability, so that we can show up on the day.

When the sides last met in a semi-final two years, ago, the third quarter proved to be the crucial spell for a Kigndom side that blew their Ulster opponents away with an attacking blitz shortly after the restart.

McGeary believes they may target a dip in Red Hand energy levels with another third quarter onslaught.

"That third quarter is going to have to be looked at. Maybe Kerry will look at it and say, well there’s a time to target them.

"Maybe they’ll look at the first quarter, or maybe they’ll look at the full game as a whole.

"But definitely in that last game, we did not show up in the third quarter.

"So it’s something that we have to address. It’s not something that we’re doing at half-time, it’s not that we’re deliberately taking the foot off the pedal. It’s just one of those things."

Tyrone reigned supreme over the Kingdom back in the noughties, but more recently, the natural order has been restored.

While the Red Hands have enjoyed some success in League football, such as last year’s win at Edendork, the big Championship days have invariably swung in favour of the Munster men in recent seasons.

"The big Championship days are the ones that are remembered, and unfortunately we haven’t been on the right side of that.

"When we look at the teams back in the noughties who went and met Kerry in Croke Park and sometimes came out on top, sometimes didn’t, that’s what we want to be doing, we want to be doing the exact same."