The second All-Ireland SFC semi-final involving Kerry and Tyrone will now take place on Saturday, 28 August.

The winners will proceed to a final meeting with Mayo two weeks later on 11 September.

Following receipt of additional medical information from Tyrone GAA and subsequent deliberations with the relevant parties today, the GAA confirmed those updated arrangements for the concluding stages of the 2021 football championship.

The GAA say the revised schedule has been finalised with the integrity of the championship in mind and to ensure that Kerry were not denied a semi-final outing.

"The GAA would like to acknowledge the co-operation of all of the counties still involved in the championship and it looks forward to working with the government to finalise these arrangements," a statement read.

Times for both fixtures will be confirmed in due course.

Earlier Kerry GAA chairman Tim Murphy had said his county would wait to play Tyrone at the earliest opportunity.

They conveyed that message to top level GAA officials. The semi-final was already delayed by a week due to Tyrone's Covid-19 issues.

Yesterday saw Tyrone withdraw from the championship after receiving an independent medical report from an infectious diseases expert.

However, the county has now been granted them another extension and can begin preparations for a huge showdown with the Kingdom in just under two weeks' time.

In a statement released earlier on Sunday, Kerry GAA chairman Tim Murphy aired his sympathy for Tyrone, saying: "Following on from yesterday's announcement by Tyrone GAA, I have met with the Kerry Senior Football Management Team and with other connected parties to discuss the matter in detail and to issue a considered response.

"Kerry is a proud GAA county, rich in the tradition of Gaelic Games which is deeply engrained in all our Clubs and Communities. Every All-Ireland title that Kerry has won, has been hard earned after a tough competitive campaign and we expect this year to be no different.

"We empathise with the Tyrone Senior football team who find themselves in this situation as a result of Covid-19 but would also point out the resultant knock-on challenges that our team, management and supporters are encountering.

"We find ourselves in a very difficult situation not of our making. We have explicitly followed all Covid protocols and we have taken every precaution to protect our Players and Management.

"The confusion and uncertainty surrounding our semi-final meeting with Tyrone has undoubtedly hindered our planning and preparation and has also been a very challenging time for our loyal clubs and supporters, many of whom had made travel & accommodation arrangements for next weekend.

"Notwithstanding this and having considered every possible aspect of the situation, our over-arching wish is to ensure that the All Ireland Semi Final against Tyrone is played at the earliest possible opportunity. On that basis we have conveyed our position to National GAA earlier today and now await their deliberations and decision."