Kerry manager Peter Keane has called on the GAA to allow teams to make seven substitutes in this year's championship.

Counties were allowed to make seven replacements during the Allianz League, which only began in May following a second extended spell without football since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

That is expected to revert to five for the championship but Keane, whose Kerry side take on Clare in a Munster semi-final on Saturday week, thinks that could lead to an injury pile-up.

"Injuries have been a huge thing," he told RTÉ Sport. "Lots and lots of injuries in lots of counties.

"Even looking at the club scene last weekend, a lot of clubs are picking up a lot of injuries, I suppose by the nature of it being so compressed.

"I think the GAA did a great move for the league when they went to seven substitutes. I would certainly think they need to go back to seven substitutes for the championship.

"Purely from a player welfare point of view, being able to look after fellas and get fellas out.

"It seems to be mostly soft-tissue injuries and muscle injuries that are predominantly the issue here and I think it's imperative for the welfare of the players that they retain the seven substitutes.

"It was a very condensed league and it’s going to be a condensed championship. You have 13 days of a break between the league and the championship. It’s something that should seriously be looked at."

Speaking after his side beat Tipperary last weekend, Waterford manager Liam Cahill questioned the process of limiting substitutions to only five time slots during a game.

"While the seven subs was a good idea because the league is so condensed, today we went to bring in a sub and weren’t allowed. Maybe that could be looked at – not being allowed to bring in a full complement on the day," he said.

"We were asked to bring in two at the last changeover. Sometimes circumstances don’t allow you to do that and you’re being forced to bring in two when there’s no need. Seven subs are great but maybe we could look at the way they’re being brought on and how that could be improved."