Former Cork goalkeeper Aoife Murray believes Tipperary moving Cáit Devane into a deeper role and further away from goal will not be beneficial for Bill Mullaney's team.

Tipp fell to a 3-14 to 0-16 defeat to Cork in their opening Littlewoods Ireland Camogie League game at the weekend.

While Murray feels both teams will be happy with aspects of their performances, she told RTÉ's Game On that Tipperary require more emerging players to complement a strong core within Mullaney's panel, who will look to bounce back against Waterford on Saturday.

"I think they need one or two younger players to come and take a bit of the responsibility off that core," she said.

"The fact that (Mullaney) had to once again bring Cáit Devane away from the goals - listen, if I was Amy Lee and I saw Cáit Devane way up the field I would be saying happy days because she is one of the most dangerous players around the box - and for him having to do that I just think it's robbing Peter to pay Paul because she is so dangerous inside that 21 metre line.

"Fair enough, Cork got Aisling Egan to track her which opened up things in the inside line but I think Cork will have that sorted the next day.

"The fact that he has to bring Cáit out the field, I think it is robbing Peter to pay Paul."

Murray also feels Ailish O'Reilly getting back among the goals will be key for a Galway side who beat Clare 3-11 to 0-15 as they look to build on a 2020 campaign that saw them reach an All-Ireland final.

"Ailish by her own standards probably had a quiet final last year and I think getting her back on the scoring sheets, particularly goals-wise, is a big plus for Galway," she said.

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