Cork football manager Ronan McCarthy's appeal against a 12-week suspension has been rejected by the Disputes Resolutions Authority (DRA). 

In February, McCarthy's suspension for breaching the GAA's training ban was upheld by the Central Hearing Committee. The ban began on 18 February.

McCarthy said that the session on Youghal beach, filmed by a member of the public and then circulated on social media, was a "team building" exercise. 

However his appeal has failed, with the DRA releasing a statement on Saturday to confirm their decision.

"Having considered detailed submissions from all parties, the Tribunal held that while the Central Hearings Committee had erred in failing to provide reasons for the imposition of a penalty in excess of the minimum set down in rule, the Claimant had failed to establish any misapplication of rule or breach of fair procedures by the Central Hearings Committee in their finding that the infraction had been proven," it reads.

"Therefore, the Tribunal dismissed the claim and the decision of the Central Hearings Committee stands. This statement is for information purposes only. The Tribunal's full written decision will be communicated to the parties and published on the DRA website in due course."