Adelaide Crows midfielder Ebony Marinoff has received a three-match ban for the tackle that resulted in Brid Stack sustaining a bad neck injury on Sunday.  

Corkwoman Stack is on the mend having been released from hospital on Sunday night.

The 11-time All-Ireland football winner suffered a stable fracture of the C7 vertebrae.

Stack was making her debut for the GWS Giants in a practice match against the Crows which was abandoned following her injury.

Marinoff was referred to a tribunal for the incident and was charged with forceful front-on contact. She pleaded not guilty but the tribunal upheld the charge.

She will miss a third of the nine-match season that kicks off on Saturday 30 January.

"I'm really disappointed with this outcome, it was never my intention to hurt Brid," said Marinoff.

"Every time I go onto the footy field I want to play hard but fair football and I believe that’s what I did on Sunday.

"I reached out to Brid to send her my best and I wish her a fast recovery."

The Crows head of women's football Phil Harper added: "The club is really disappointed with this outcome and we’ll be considering our options going forward."