Davy Fitzgerald has opened up on the "pages and pages of abuse" himself and his father Pat, the Clare GAA secretary, have been subjected to online.

Earlier this week, Clare club Sixmilebridge wrote a letter to The Clare Champion strongly condemning the online attacks.

"We are a club that represents community, promoting a deep sense of place and a sense of belonging," it read. 

"All of this adds up to a club which will not stand aside if we as a club believe any of our members are being unfairly treated. Two of our members, Pat & Davy Fitzgerald, have been subject to sustained personal abuse [on-line & in-person] due in part to the prominent public positions they hold on a National & County Stage.

"We fully accept that both, in the prominent roles they both have, will be subject to criticism, strong at times. That comes with the job. What is not acceptable is when criticism morphs into personal abuse."

Davy Fitzgerald - now managing Wexford - won an All-Ireland with the Banner County as a player and managed them for five years between 2011 and 2016.

Speaking on the Late Late Show, he said he accepted that criticism was part of both his and his father's roles but that the level of the abuse had gone too far. 

"To tell you the truth, it has been tough," he said. 

"Two people from my club - the chairman Paddy Meehan who is a great man, and a fellah called Fr Harry Bohan, who'd be a mentor of mine - came to us and said 'enough is enough'. We have to stand up to this online bullying and certain things that would have happened.

"It's probably gone on for maybe four or five years. There's pages and pages and pages of abuse there and it isn’t nice. I would have gotten a bit of it early on [when he managed Clare] - they were glad to get rid of me out of Clare, a few of them. When I went they said, 'sure [his father] is next to go'.

"When I thought about it, I thought all of Clare wanted rid of me but then I realised it is only a bunch of them behind keyboards who have an agenda. If you saw some of the stuff - it was pretty out there.

"There were certain things he would be strong on that he isn't as strong on anymore as he has taken such a battering on them."

"I'm glad that my club came out with the letter, I am so proud of them. The easiest thing they could have done was say, 'Davy we support you, Pat we support you,’ but they didn’t, they went further. It’s about everybody, nobody should be subjected to that."

Fitzgerald admitted his dad has been hurt by the abuse, and cited the importance Coco's Law - new law to ban online harassment named in memory of 21-year-old Nicole Fox Fenlon who took her own life after she was bullied on social media. 

"He'd never let you see that - he would be too proud to show it... do I think it has [affected him]? Most definitely," Fitzgerald added of his father.

"There were certain things he would be strong on that he isn't as strong on anymore as he has taken such a battering on them. He’s a fighter, he’ll be okay.

"Even the fact that this is brought up, I look at Coco’s Law, which was passed in December, which is very important. There’s a lot more people that have gone through stuff, it’s society in general. That’s why I am so proud of the club, as they have said, enough is enough."