Inter-county players from both the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) and Women's Gaelic Players Association (WGPA) have voted to merge into a single 4,000-member representative body.

The votes took place at separate EGMs on Monday night, with 96% of WGPA delegates voting in favour and 100% of GPA delegates doing so.

The EGMs were followed by a meeting of the combined association where a new Transitional National Executive Committee was established which will convene in January to elect Executive Officers and co-chairs as well as deciding on strategy prior to a first Annual General Meeting set to be held in the second quarter of 2021.

A new National Executive Committee will then be elected at next year's AGM. 

Monday's votes followed motions which were approved at the GPA's and the WGPA’s AGMs respectively in 2019 to formalise the relationship that already existed between the two representative bodies. 

The GPA was formed in 1999 to represent men's inter-county players, with the WGPA launched in 2015 to represent inter-county camogie players and Ladies footballers.

At the end of November, the GPA confirmed it had agreed a new four-year deal with the GAA which would see it continue to receive a 15% share of net commercial revenue until 2024.

Meanwhile, a recent report by the WGPA found that 93% of female inter-county footballers or hurlers received no travel expenses, with their spending of fuel averaging €55 per week.

The Ladies Gaelic Football Association subsequently announced that it had already agreed to reimburse players for match-day costs this championship season.