Kilkenny Camogie manager Brian Dowling says the team's GoFundMe page is to replace conventional fund raising, but admits the government needs to do more to support women's GAA.

Dowling explained that Covid restrictions had affected normal means of fundraising as they prepare for their All-Ireland senior final against Galway in two weeks' time.

"That’s why the online forum was presented," he said.

"We have a lot to do and a lot to prepare for. Every team that reaches an All-Ireland final would be doing similar, I imagine. The board put it up this morning.

"We’re actually very well looked after here by the Kilkenny board but whereas we might have quiz nights or other events we cannot this year.

"That’s why the GoFund me page was set up."

The fundraising target figure is €5,000 and it comes days after Government chiefs revealed a committee was being formed to examine gender disparity in sports funding. 

Last year, for example, in the region of  €3.7 million was paid out by the Government to support GAA players.

Around €3 million of that went to male players and teams, with €700,000 for female players and teams. 

Brian Dowling

Dowling agrees that, in general, more work is needed to improve the lot of camogie players.

"I would like to see a lot more happening on that front," he said.

"As I said we are well looked after here in this county but camogie teams everywhere deserve what male teams get, the resources, grants and facilities.

"That is not the case and I would like to see more done to change that, it has to happen," he said.

The county will receive a grant for the All-Ireland final from the Camogie Association and Dowling adds that there will be plenty of expenditure to factor in ahead of the big game.

At the time of writing over €1,100 had been raised for the team’s preparations.

The final will take place at 7pm on Saturday evening so there are food, accommodation and other ancillary costs to meet.

In the past estimates have put the cost of an All-Ireland final day in the region of €20,000 although that figure could be far less this time around with no crowds attending the game and post-match function.

Dowling’s Kilkenny side booked their place in a fifth successive Liberty Insurance All-Ireland camogie final – against Galway - with a two-point victory over Cork at Páirc Uí Chaoimh at the weekend.