Wexford boss Davy Fitzgerald feels the playing of this year's inter-county championships has made a massive difference to the sporting public and stessed that "it's important we always have something small to hang on to".

Speaking on The Sunday Game, the Clareman was full of praise for the GAA and their handling of this year's competitions amid the Covid pandemic.

"Normally when you go to Croke Park, the buzz going in there, by Clonliffe Road, meeting supporters, it puts the hair standing on your head," Fitzgerald told Des Cahill.

"This time, you arrive in in your car on your own, you meet someone at the game who checks you in, you walk in the tunnel on your own... you know have two dressing rooms side by side...

"When you go out on the field there's no roar. It was completely different.

"The job the GAA have done in getting this run and RTÉ with the coverage. I don't think we realise how much it has meant to people. It's been great the last number of weeks.

"It was good for us to be involved and we loved it, but I know it meant a lot," Fitzgerald continued.

"Empty stadiums are nothing - the two [winning] semi-finalists, they'll say they were playing with their hearts. 

"So many people have gone through so much. It isn't easy being in lockdown for the six weeks and to have that Saturday and Sunday to look forward to, we were lucky that we were allowed play.

"I have to say, the precautions the GAA put in place, everything was taken really seriously.

"I'm just delighted that we got the games to go ahead and that the people at home got something to look forward to because it is awful imporant that we always have something small to look forward to and hang on to."