Kerry co-manager Declan Quill has welcomed the decision of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association to provide travel expenses to their inter-county players, and called on the government to match the level of financial support given to their male counterparts.

A report this week by the Women's Gaelic Players Association found that 93% of female inter-county footballers or hurlers receive no travel expenses at all, with their spending of fuel averaging €55 per week.

Former Cork camogie star Aoife Murray estimated she had spent €50k from her own pocket on travel over 10 years. 

A spokesperson for the LGFA subsequently confirmed that an agreement had already been put in place for the 2020 season, which would see an amount paid towards players' mileage costs for this year.

Male players receive 50 cent per mile, which itself was a decrease agreed between the GAA and GPA earlier  due to the current fall in revenues in the association.

The government provides €3m in funding for elite male players but only €700,000 for women.

"I'm delighted to see that the LGFA have provided assistance to the girls to come to the matches. I think it’s absolutely vital," Quill, who manages the team along with Darragh Long, told RTÉ's Sunday Sport.

"I think the LGFA made a very positive statement in giving expenses for the girls to come to the match and that should be a stepping stone in the right direction. They should follow through with that now and (give) more for the girls.

"You can see from a lot of the tweets that came out from the players who were playing the last 10 years, the amount of money they spent on travelling alone.

"That’s outside of physio costs, paying for their own gear, paying for their own meals, all that kind of stuff. That really has to be looked at.

"The government has to step up and giving extra funding. Why do they give the men €3m and the women only €700,000? That doesn’t make sense to me.

"I wouldn’t be looking for less for the men, I would be looking for more for the women."

"It's a huge derby game and a massive prize if we win, into the All-Ireland semi-final. We’re looking forward to next weekend."

Quill was speaking after his side thumped Cavan 5-14 to 0-13 in their first  TG4 All-Ireland Senior Championship game of the season to day.

Next week they face Munster rivals Cork, with Group 1 supremacy and a place in the All-Ireland semi-finals at stake.

"It’s fantastic to get over the first hurdle, we’re absolutely delighted," said Quill.

"We were very rusty in the first half, it showed in our shooting but that improved as the game went along.

"But it had been a long time since we played a competitive match, since March, so the rustiness was going to be there but we got through it and kicked some good scores in the second half.

"The girls are delighted and we’re ready to move on to the next game next weekend.

"We’ve picked up a few injuries today which we’ll have to look at.

"It’s a huge derby game and a massive prize if we win, into the All-Ireland semi-final. We’re looking forward to next weekend."