The GAA'S Covid-19 advisory group and the Gaelic Players Association have agreed structures around testing systems on the eve of the championship.

In a note to GPA members, CEO Paul Flynn, who is also a member of the GAA’s covid advisory group, said that there had been a series of very positive engagements with the GAA over the course of the last 24 hours.

This follows a meeting of the advisory group last night.

The note said that the concern as regards testing of all inter-county players had been resolved following a proposal put forward by the advisory committee.

"The following has been agreed," Flynn wrote.

"As of last night, the GAA advisory committee have agreed to implement a baseline screening protocol for all squads as requested.

"The details will be finalised after the weekend as the identification of a suitable testing system and service provider is ongoing.

"However, it is likely to be a saliva test which provides rapid results. Positive cases identified will then be referred for a PCR test.

"The aim will be to make this available to all squads at the earliest convenience. In the meantime, the existing rapid testing system provided by the GAA will be used for any squads with concerns, cases, or close contacts."

There is also an update regarding matchday travel and compliance with Covid-19 protocols. Clarity on these travel guidelines will be communicated later today to county boards and all squad reps will be informed.

"The GAA have made assurances that there will be a continued focus on strict compliance with all safety protocols around training and matches which will be monitored closely to ensure consistency among all counties," Flynn added.

"In the event that breaches occur, the GPA have set up a 24/7 reporting line which you can use to report noncompliance."

Flynn thanked the GPA membership for engaging and sharing their feedback over the last 10 days.

"It is encouraging that the GAA have taken the players’ concerns on board and in-turn have taken the necessary measures to further enhance your health and safety, and that of your families and communities," he said.

"It is important to note the positive role of the GAA’s covid advisory committee who acted swiftly and decisively to address your concerns.

"While these steps will improve the playing and training environment for all players, the most important measure you can take is your own individual responsibility in following the latest public health guidelines put in place by the government.

"The priority at all times must be to protect the health and welfare of all associated within your squad group, and to minimise the risk of transmission within the wider community.

"If you have any symptoms or are feeling unwell, you should not attend training or games and must inform your team medical professional for further advice.

"Please do not feel under any pressure to play once you have considered your own personal circumstances and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries."